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Our mission for your health and longevity

Welcome to Bear-Science - your trusted partner on the path to a healthier, more fulfilling and, above all, longer life. We are convinced that you have found us for exactly one reason: We are the partner you can trust to provide you with quality longevity products.


Our primary mission is to help people like you enhance their quality of life and maximise their overall well-being. At Bear-Science, we are passionate about providing carefully selected, high-quality nutritional supplements based on sound scientific research. Our credo is simple: a balanced diet and targeted nutritional supplementation are crucial factors for a long, fulfilling life.


Bear-Science is proud to be a German brand of intelligent nutritional supplements that specialises in translating scientific knowledge in the field of cell therapy into practical solutions. Our solutions are designed to target the biological determinants of health and ageing.


Be proactive and create your healthier, longer life together with Bear-Science. Your well-being is our top priority and we are ready to guide you on your journey. At Bear-Science, we have the knowledge, experience and passion to help you achieve your health goals. Our experts are here to support you along the way, no matter what stage of life you are in.


Our journey began with groundbreaking discoveries about the positive effects of NMN on cellular energy and repair. These discoveries led to a fruitful collaboration of experts from leading research institutions in Europe and the US who pooled their knowledge and resources. The mission back then is just as relevant today: To transform advances in cellular research into effective solutions that sustain your health, energy and well-being.


At Bear-Science, however, we're not just about living longer, we're about living healthier. Your health and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. We encourage you to better understand your own body and your individual needs. In addition to our high-quality products, we offer you regular information, tailored diagnostic options and comprehensive support in changing unhealthy habits.


Valentin Mattis

As the founder of Bear-Science, it is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to our vision and mission. Our primary goal is not only to extend your lifespan, but more importantly to make your life healthier and more fulfilling. We firmly believe that your health and longevity are in your own hands.


Health is far more than just avoiding illness; it is the basis for a fulfilled life. A life where you can share precious moments with your loved ones, realise personal projects and put your life goals into action. At Bear-Science, we firmly believe that your health is the key to all these possibilities.


At Bear-Science, our ambitions reach far and are present at every stage of life. We dream of a world where disease does not set the pace, but where you are in control of your own life. Our vision is to accompany and support you on this journey.

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