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Longevity podcasts: Voices and opinions from experts

Welcome to the exciting world of podcasts! In today's digital era, podcasts are experiencing a real boom. Here you will find people talking about their lives or their fields of expertise in a personal atmosphere. Podcasts give scientists a voice that reaches far beyond books and scientific articles. And for you as an interested listener, they offer the opportunity to listen from the comfort of your own home. Podcasts can be provocative, educational, inspiring or moving, and the best part is that they are usually free and digitally accessible. You can enjoy them on your way to work, on the bus, while exercising or in quiet moments to stay up to date with the latest knowledge.


On this page, we have compiled a collection of longevity podcasts around the topic of longevity and health for you. Although most are currently available in English, this page will be continuously updated and expanded to make sure you don't miss any news - especially the first Longevity podcast in German. Immerse yourself in the world of podcasts and turn up the volume to overcome the lack of information!

Please note that we are providing you with altruistic access to these podcasts. We have no affiliation with platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts and receive no commissions for clicks. We do this out of a passion for sharing knowledge and information. We invite you to be inspired and informed by the podcasts - they could be your gateway to a world of fascinating insights.


Gesund & Gesund - Besser und länger leben

Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair

The podcast explains the latest developments in medicine and educates on how we can live longer while staying healthy as we age.

The 'Lifespan with Dr David Sinclair' podcast, presented by Dr David Sinclair, covers scientific aspects of ageing and ways to slow or reverse the ageing process.


Huberman Lab

Dr Andrew Huberman focuses on neural regeneration, neuroplasticity and brain states such as stress, concentration, anxiety and optimal performance.

FoundMyFitness vonDr. Rhonda Patrick PhD

Dedicated to the pursuit of longevity and optimal health, she shares the latest research on nutrition, ageing and disease prevention with her podcast audience.

The Doctor’s Farmacy mit Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Mark Hyman ist ein amerikanischer Hausarzt und Bestsellerautor. Er sieht Lebensmittel als Medizin, um Langlebigkeit, Energie, geistige Klarheit, Glück und vieles mehr zu unterstützen.

Gesund & Gesund - Besser und länger leben

Welcome to the podcast 'Healthy & Healthy - Living Better and Longer', your guide to the world of preventive medicine, longevity research and future medicine. In this podcast series, you will learn all about the latest developments in medicine and receive education on how you can live a longer and healthier life, even in old age.

Your hosts are Prof. Dr. Thomas Kurscheid, specialist in general medicine, nutrition and sports medicine, book author, moderator and founder of the renowned 'Institut Prof. Kurscheid'. For more than 15 years he has been present on TV as an expert in the areas of nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle.


Also taking part is Dr. Dr. Dominik Duscher, specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, best-selling author and entrepreneur. As an internationally recognised medical doctor, he is a pioneer in the field of longevity medicine. With his expertise as programme director for applied regenerative medicine at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen and in his private practice in Munich, he is dedicated to optimising cell function in old age and diabetes. Dr Duscher is also managing director of the biotech company Tomorrowlabs GmbH and has published numerous scientific papers as well as popular science books.


Dr Gerd Wirtz, an experienced neurophysiologist and digital health expert, completes our team of experts. With a PhD in neurophysiology and over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing, he is a sought-after moderator, coach and keynote speaker in the field of live communication. On national and international stages he shares his knowledge about future medicine and digital health.

Meet our experts and discover how you can lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. Welcome to 'Healthy & Healthy - Live Better and Longer'!

Preventive physician Prof. Dr. Thomas Kurscheid,

researcher on ageing Dr. Dr. Dominik Duscher

Neurophysiologist and digital health expert Dr Gerd Wirtz.


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Dr. Gerd Wirtz, Prof. Dr. Thomas Kurscheid, Dr. Dr. Dominik Duscher


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Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair

Welcome to the 'Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair' podcast, presented by none other than world-renowned ageing researcher Dr. David Sinclair, Ph.D. Dr. Sinclair is Professor of Genetics and Co-Director of the Center for Biology of Aging Research at Harvard Medical School. This podcast covers scientific aspects of ageing, as well as approaches to slowing and possibly reversing the ageing process.


It is important to emphasise that this podcast is independent of Dr Sinclair's teaching and research at Harvard Medical School. The information presented in this programme is not intended as medical advice and should in no way be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.


Dr. David Sinclair, PhD, AO, is a distinguished genetics professor at Harvard Medical School. He is one of the leading innovators of his generation and has been recognised by Time as one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World" and one of the fifty most influential people in healthcare. He is also a member of the board of the American Federation for Aging Research and has received over thirty-five awards for his research and significant scientific breakthroughs. Media outlets such as 60 Minutes, Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune and Newsweek have reported extensively on Dr. Sinclair and his work. For more information, visit


Matthew LaPlante is an associate professor of journalistic writing at Utah State University, where he teaches news reporting and feature writing. A former US Navy intelligence specialist and Middle East war correspondent, he is the author of 'Superlatives: The Biology of Extremes' and co-author of several other books that illuminate the intersection of science and society. He lives in Salt Lake City and enjoys spending his free time skiing in Big Cottonwood Canyon. For more information about him, visit

Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair is the podcast of aging researcher David Sinclair, Ph.D. Dr. Sinclair is Professor of Genetics and Co-Director of the Center for Biology and Aging Research at Harvard Medical School.



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Huberman Lab

Dr Andrew Huberman, holder of a PhD in Neuroscience, is a Professor in the Department of Neurobiology at Stanford School of Medicine. In addition to this, he has kind permission to also be in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to the fields of brain development, brain function and neuronal plasticity. The latter refers to the ability of the nervous system to learn and modify new behaviours, skills and cognitive functions.


Dr Huberman is a fellow of the McKnight Foundation and the Pew Foundation. In 2017, he received the prestigious Cogan Award, given to scientists who have made significant discoveries in the field of vision. His current research focuses his lab on the effects of vision and respiration on human performance and mental state, particularly with regard to anxiety and courage. He is also leading a clinical trial to promote vision restoration in diseases that lead to blindness.


Dr Huberman is also actively involved in the development of instruments used by elite military personnel in the US and Canada, athletes and in the technology industry to optimise performance in challenging environments. These tools are used to improve neural plasticity, reduce stress and optimise sleep.

Research from the Huberman lab at Stanford School of Medicine has been published in prestigious journals such as Nature, Science and Cell and has received international attention, including articles in TIME, BBC, Scientific American, Discover and other leading media.


In 2021, Dr Huberman launched the Huberman Lab podcast, which regularly features in the top 15 global podcasts and often ranks #1 in the science, education and health and fitness categories.

Dr Andrew Huberman researches the areas of neuronal regeneration, neuroplasticity and brain states such as stress, concentration, anxiety and the optimisation of cognitive performance.




FoundMyFitness von
Dr. Rhonda Patrick PhD


While studying at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, she conducted research on the link between mitochondrial metabolism, apoptosis and cancer. In her groundbreaking work, she discovered that a protein critical to cell survival has two distinct mitochondrial sites with different functions. This finding led to a link between its anti-apoptotic role and a previously unrecognised function in mitochondrial respiration and maintenance of mitochondrial structure. The results of her dissertation were published in Nature Cell Biology in 2012.

During her postdoctoral training at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute under the guidance of Dr Bruce Ames, she researched the effects of micronutrient deficiencies (vitamins and minerals) on metabolism, inflammation, DNA damage and the ageing process. She also investigated whether nutritional supplementation can reverse this damage. In addition, she researched the role of vitamin D in relation to brain function, behaviour and other physiological processes. In February 2014, she published an article in the journal FASEB that focused on the regulation of serotonin synthesis by vitamin D and its connection to autism.


Dr Patrick also conducted research at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences on ageing. This involved investigating the role of insulin signalling in the misfolding of proteins that are common in neurodegenerative diseases.

She is a sought-after public speaker on a variety of topics including the role of micronutrient deficiencies in ageing, the genetic determination of the effect of nutrients on health, the benefits of hormonal stress such as exercise, fasting, sauna visits or heat exposure, and the importance of mindfulness, stress management and sleep. Dr Patrick's aim is to challenge the status quo and encourage the general public to look at health and longevity with a proactive and preventative approach.

Dr Rhonda Patrick, PhD, excels at conveying sophisticated scientific concepts in easy-to-understand language in her videos, podcasts and articles. Her main interest is promoting longevity and optimal health, and she shares the latest research on topics such as nutrition, ageing and disease prevention with her podcast audience.




The Doctor’s Farmacy mit Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr Mark Hyman is leading a health revolution focused on using food as a healing tool to promote longevity, energy, mental clarity, happiness and much more. He is a practicing family physician and internationally recognised pioneer, speaker, teacher and advocate of functional medicine. Dr. Hyman is the founder and director of the UltraWellness Center, director of strategy and innovation at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, author of fourteen New York Times best-selling books, and chief clinical officer of the Institute for Functional Medicine. He also hosts one of the leading health podcasts called The Doctor's Farmacy. Dr. Hyman is a regular medical expert on several television shows and networks, including CBS This Morning, Today, Good Morning America, The View, and CNN. He also appears as a consultant and host on The Dr Oz Show.


Dr Hyman has turned his passion for functional medicine, real food, nutrition and wellness into active engagement and is working hard to change the global food system. He has been a political advocate for improving public health through functional medicine and has testified before the Senate Health Reform Committee on the issue. He has advised the Surgeon General on diabetes prevention measures and participated in the White House Forum on Prevention and Wellness in 2009. Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa has nominated Dr Hyman to the President's Advisory Council on Prevention, Health Promotion and Integrative and Public Health. In addition, Dr Hyman has spoken at conferences such as the Clinton Foundation's Health Matters conference, Achieving Wellness in Every Generation, the Clinton Global Initiative, the World Economic Forum on Global Health Issues, TEDMED and TEDx. He has been awarded the Linus Pauling Award and the Nantucket Project Award. Dr Hyman received the Christian Book of the Year Award for his work on the Daniel Plan, a faith-based initiative that helped Saddleback Church lose £250,000 and which he developed with Rick Warren, Dr Mehmet Oz and Dr Daniel Amen. He was also inducted into the Books for Better Life Hall of Fame along with Dr Dean Ornish and Dr Michael Roizen. Dr Hyman crafted the Take Back Your Health Act of 2009 and introduced it in the US Senate to help pay for chronic disease management through lifestyle changes. Along with Tim Ryan, he helped introduce the ENRICH Act in Congress in 2015 to fund nutrition education in medical schools. Dr Hyman also plays a major role in the 2014 film "Fed Up", produced by Laurie David and Katie Couric, which addresses the problem of childhood obesity.

Dr Mark Hyman, an American general practitioner and best-selling author, sees food as a remedy to promote longevity, energy, mental clarity, happiness and much more.



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